What to Expect with Grass-Fed Beef

We raise our cows at Cross Creek Cattle Company with the end product in mind. What do our customers want? We believe that it is healthy, flavorful beef. We go to great pains to ensure that the meat is as tender as possible. Stress and genetics play a large role. To address the issue of stress, we have docile cows. The youngest children in our family walk through our herd without fear. Our cows know us. They see us daily. We have trained them to come with a sing-song cattle call. There is no need for a rodeo here. Secondly, we raise Beefmaster cattle. The breed is well-suited for our humid Southern climate. They gain weight easily and they are fertile.

Knowing this, grass-fed beef is a little different from the beef you are used to purchasing at the grocery store. First of all, it is much leaner because they have not been fattened up with grain. Their fat is more yellow in color. Do not be concerned; this is normal. Because the meat is so much leaner, we suggest preparing it a little differently than the typical cook. The meat needs to be cooked slowly at a lower temperature. Marinating also helps keep the meat tender. The use of a crockpot for roasts is great. One of the bonuses we enjoy is that our hamburger patties do not shrink. For a great steak marinade and other cooking tips, check out our article, "6 Cooking Tips for Grass Fed Beef."