Frequently Asked Questions

What is a split quarter?

A split quarter is essentially a half of a half. You get cuts from both the front and hindquarter. Since two customers are sharing the same half, the only fair way for the processing plant to split it is to cut up the beef all the same thicknesses. For this reason, standard cuts are the only cuts available on a split quarter order.

Is the grass fed beef aged?

Yes, we have the beef dry aged for a minimum of two weeks. Then the processor cuts, wraps, and flash freezes your order.

Can I get something different than what is on the processing form?

It depends. The processing plant does work with us to an extent. However, they do not agree to do everything asked of them. My philosophy is, “it never hurts to ask.” I just cannot guarantee it.

How is the beef wrapped?

The standard wrapping is white butcher paper. It has an interior side that is slick; it is plastic coated. The beef should do fine for a year in a freezer. We have never had beef in our freezer that long, but I am taking the processing plant at their word.

Can I get my cuts vacuum sealed?

Yes. It is an additional $1.00 per pound charge at the processing plant.

Do you ship my order?

At this time, we don’t offer shipping. We are always trying to keep up with demand; therefore, if something unfortunate should happen en route, we would have no way to make it right in a timely manner.

How do I get my order?

After the beef is flash frozen, the processing plant contacts me that the orders are ready to be picked up. I pick up the orders and pay the processing fees. I take the beef to our ranch and put it directly into our deep freezers. Then I type up a receipt and email it to you. I try my best to work on your schedule in arranging a pick up time.

Do we give tours of the ranch?

Yes, but we suggest that you call to make arrangements. We are usually on the ranch, but not always at home. We would hate for you to drive out to see us and we weren’t here.