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That's our kind of Beefmaster!

Cross Creek Cattle Company is located just north of Plantersville, Texas on rolling hills and piney woods. We joke that we are 45 minutes from everywhere because we sit between Houston, Conroe, Bryan/College Station, Hempstead, and Huntsville. Our location enables us to easily serve such a broad and populous area while we enjoy the sprawling countryside and rural way of life in Grimes County.

We are a family owned and operated ranch where even the youngest members of the family play a vital role in this business. For over six generations, ranching has been a way of life in our family; as a matter of fact, our family has been raising cattle in Texas since 1852. In the past we raised commercial cattle. We founded Cross Creek Cattle Company in 1994 with our first herd of Beefmaster cattle. It was an easy decision to switch to this fertile and functional breed. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are well suited to our climate in Texas. They are docile by nature. They gain weight well in their natural setting, eating grass from the pasture and hay in the winter. Our beefmasters fill many job descriptions here on the ranch. They have and will do well in the show circuit. They have and will do well as breeding stock on a ranch. And, they have and will do well in our most important venture: grass-fed and finished beef.

So whether you are looking to win at a beef show in 4-H or FFA or needing a fertile and easy keeper for your family's ranch or want to fill your deep freezer with lean, healthy beef, then Cross Creek Cattle Company is the answer. Contact us by phone or e-mail or better yet stop by for a ranch tour and visit. We would love to have you.