Herd on Grass
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That's our kind of Beefmaster!

holliday sign

The sign welcoming you to
Cross Creek Cattle Company.

Most of the grandkids at ranch headquarters.
Riding lessons

Horseback riding lessons instructed
by Kenton and Cathey.

Tired cowhands after working the herd.
Tired cowhands
Trail ride
Family on a trailride in Plantersville, Texas.
Grandkids sorting cows on horseback.
Grandkids sorting cattle
Too Close for comfort.
Too close for comfort.
Dyer Mill Wildfire - June 2011
Jake DeHaven and his heifer, Sugar.
Reserve Champion Beefmaster
Jake and Sugar
Happy Grass Fed Calves
Happy grass fed calves .
A days harvest.
a days harvest
boys and feral hogs
A small dent in the feral hog population.
Daddy's little helper.
daddy's little helper