We appreciate our customers and love hearing from them. Here are some comments made about our products, ranch, and service. Thanks to all that allowed us to publish their testimonials on our website!

Lara & Family,

We want to take a moment to thank you for your phenomenal beef! What started us on the journey to purchase a whole animal was reading labels. As I prepared a meal with store bought organic, grass fed beef I noticed that it stated the beef was from 4 different countries. This concerned me, I couldn’t track even the country this beef had come from! It was clear on that day we needed to go local. We purchased our first fresh beef 2 years ago from another rancher – the beef, while high quality had a strange fishy aftertaste. We weren’t sure we liked fresh grass fed beef. We decided to try another rancher and purchased a whole cow from Cross Creek Cattle Company and split between 4 families. We were anxious to give this beef a try!

When making hamburger patties with this meat, it doesn’t shrink and it produces some of the juiciest burgers we have ever eaten! Our kids even state how much better this meat tastes! The strip steaks are perhaps my favorite cut, although the rib-eyes are a close second! It takes our family of 5 about 7 months to go through ¼ animal. We also appreciate the time Lara took to go over the cut sheet with us, and the processor for doing an excellent job meeting our needs. The packaging was done in a manner that allowed our family not to have waste. The customization of cuts was amazing and beyond our expectations.

When we picked up the beef Lara took the time to take us out to the pasture and meet the cows. Our 3 year old son made the journey with us from Austin and was amazed at the farm animals. Lara took him out to pet the horses, sang to the cows to get them to come out and our son received an invaluable lesson in where food comes from. She took time to explain why they raise their animals in a loving environment, and it shows that happy cows do make better meat.

There are not enough good things to say about the DeHaven family, the quality of beef and the humane way these animals are raised. We tell everyone we know about the beef and recommend the Cross Creek Cattle Company to all!

Kudos to you and your family for doing it the right way! You provide high quality, nutritious beef at an affordable price. You have customers for life with this family.

The Margiotta Family
Buda, Texas


I cannot tell you how good our beef is! The ground beef cooked and NO FAT in the pan. David is making steaks today and we never have seen steaks that look so good in the store.

~Lisa Prochaska

Our family had the pleasure of doing business with Cross Creek Cattle Company last year. Since buying grass-fed beef directly from a ranch was new to me, I decided it would be best to buy a split quarter. Up until then, I mostly used ground beef when I cooked beef. So when I came home and found there was round steak, sirloins, brisket, rib eyes, T-bones and ribs, I was a little intimidated. I started out with the ground beef before getting out of my comfort zone.
I had read a lot about grass-fed beef being higher in omega 3′s and lower in fat since they weren’t fed corn, but I didn’t expect it to look different too. Somehow, it just looked healthier. When I cooked it, it even smelled different. It smelled better. And there was hardly any fat I had to drain. When I served it for dinner, my husband commented, “Now, that is quality beef.”
I was given a cook book for our wedding that I hadn’t touched because it didn’t have a lot of picture. It was Southern Living’s 75th anniversary edition and there was plenty of recipes to aid me in cooking the other cuts which were all so delicious.
What impressed me most about Cross Creek Cattle Company was Lara DeHaven’s integrity. They had just adopted some cows that were not grass-fed from birth. So, she was selling them as grass-finished. Lara could have easily compromised and sold the cattle as grass-fed, but she didn’t. That speaks volumes to the customer.

We have now moved to the Dallas area and although there are plenty ranches and farmers here selling grass-fed beef, I will be returning back for more. If your are on the fence about buying from Cross Creek, don’t be. Order a split quarter and try it out. You will not be disappointed.

Adrian and Lizette Blackwell

From Glen and Gianna Coffey:

Just a Thank You!
We are enjoying the beef immensely!
The marinade recipe works great and the beef is delicious. We’ve grilled T-bones, smoked ribs, made beef stroganoff, round steak grilled cheese sandwiches, and have tons of our recipe cards pulled and ready to make more beef dishes. Tomorrow we are making beef stuffed manicotti in marinara. Yum!

Again, I just wanted to say, “Thank you!” from my husband and me. Hey, how soon can we get on next year’s waiting list?!

~Gianna Coffey

This is our second grass fed beef purchase, and we are so-o much more pleased with the taste of the meat from your beef!  The beef is so lean and juicy it is incredible!  The steaks were all delicious – especially the filets!  We find they don’t need to cook as long either!  The hamburger has a lighter taste and isn’t greasy or fatty!  It is so nice to end up with the same size “burger” after it is cooked.               

My husband, is not in the best of health and has to watch his intake of calories, fat & sodium.  This grass fed beef, with all of the health benefits, allows us more of a variety of dishes to prepare.  Chicken gets very boring when eaten every day!               

We loved the beef we purchased from you!!

Vince & Kathy Margiotta
Buda, Texas


Cross Creek is awesome! We absolutely love the owners, their customer service and, most of all, the product. If you're in Texas and looking for a source of grass fed beef, check them out.

Julie Kenner, NYT best-selling author